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I have a good selection of attachments to make jobs quicker and easier. Below is a list of them and some of there uses. 

I am always looking for ways to increase efficiency so please check back to our site for the latest attachments added.

Please state which attachments you require when you call as I cannot carry all of them with the digger


The Rototilt allows us to put all the attachments and buckets together with the excavator and let them work so efficiently together, it works like a wrist between the digger and the bucket or attachment. This allows you to tilt and rotate the bucket or attachment letting you work from any angle.


We have various buckets which all tilt and turn thanks to the Rototilt, sizes from 300 mm to 900 mm  if you require a different size please call

Land Rake

The land rake i use to remove large stones and concrete from top soiled areas.  It can also be used for light cultivation of soiled areas

Grader Bar

The grader bar I made up is ideal for leveling stone and top soil. Being mounted under the Rototilt it allows for fine grading and I have even spread bit-mac with it saving lots of racking.


The breaker ideal for small scale demolition and excavation in rock.

Hedge Cutter

Our hedge cutter can be fitted to  excavator or Multione. On the digger it is better for overgrown and difficult to get at areas. On the Multione it is better for easier to get at areas and straight lines.  


The 7 tine grab from Intermercato is ideal for sorting and moving all types of material from brash to scrap metals also great for working with sleepers and large stones . The TG 12 UG-7 has a maximum opening of 703 mm 

Ripper Tooth

My Ripper tooth is ideal for a variety of jobs from loosening ground before digging with a bigger bucket, 

digging out tree stumps, large shrubs and lifting concrete. It has a saw ripper blade on the rear of the tine, so when the machine is defeated on power pulling a thick root the rear blade can be used to saw through the root until the machine has enough power to finally pull through. This action saves time clearing soil away from the often hidden root and then having to saw or chop through the root with an axe or chainsaw.  The root ripper tine is not just for pulling out tree stumps though. 


The 1200 mm brush is excellent  at cleaning up roads, soil from grass and yards another great time saver.


Forks fit over the blade for moving light weight pallets or tools, up to say 400 kg.

Here we are building a temporary road carrying the boards on the forks and a roll of Teram in the grab how much labour is that saving.(more pictures in the gallery).

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