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A few snaps of our Multione loader at work

New addition to the fleet is our Multione 8.4s this can be hired with operator. It will come with 4 IN 1 bucket and forks or on a job price you can add any of the other attachments at extra cost.

This could be for one lift to get a beam or lintel in, or lorry loads of materials on to a narrow site

with the hi cap bucket we can carry as much as a 1 ton dumper and load a 8 yard skip over the end, or 40 yard over the side and because it can be moved on a trailer it can be moved quickly and with ease for those one off and smaller jobs. It will lift over 1.4 tons on pallet forks and is only 1230 MM wide.




  • spreading and moving topsoil, gravel and hard core  

  • loading of waste materials

  • Site clearance​​

  • lifting in beams etc

  • unloading and moving building materials 

  • moving and setting up panel fencing ​​​

 Multione attachments  

Grading beam

Extended forks

Land ripper

Hedge cutter

Post driver

Crane hook attachment


"Save your back and hire Tony with his Multione" 

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